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With Outragehisss…Pets live animal presentations, audiences have the opportunity to meet exotic animals from all over the world. During a presentation, audiences can meet these amazing creatures, learn what they eat, where they come from, and touch them when permitted by NY/NJ laws.

OPets’ interactive hands-on live animal programs are brought to your off-site location. With over 50 species of creatures to choose from, it is easy for children and adults to be captivated. A close encounter on the wild side is exciting for all in attendance! OPets programs are unique, educational, and appropriate for any age.

John and Nicole, our experienced exhibitors have successfully provided live animal events for over 20+ years. OPets is USDA approved, NY and NJ State Licensed, and fully insured. All OPets animals are healthy, captive-born, and hand-raised.

An Outragehisss…Pets experience is truly one to be remembered by all!

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