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When choosing your animals, substitutions must be made and included on your contract. Please choose animals from this list only. Animals may not be available due to illness, pregnancy or temperamental disposition. THE EXHIBITORS will make the final decisions on the animals. Outdoor programs: it MUST be at least 70 degrees and no hotter than 90 degrees. Animals and children also need shade.

Tree Frog
Tree Frog
: Bright green with sticky feet (may eat bugs during the program). **Customer Favorite**


African Bullfrog: Large; green and yellow (may eat bugs during the program).


American Bullfrog: Large; green; slimy skin.

Giant Marine Toad
Giant Marine Toad
: Large; brown and bumpy with dry skin.


Fire Salamander: Black and yellow; slimy skin.


Spanish-Ribbed Newt: 5 inches long - brown; looks like a Salamander.

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