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We offer an entertaining and educational live animal show, starring your choice of the animals you'd like to see. Our show is perfect for any age group at your home or at any other venue you choose.

Note: *We add a minimum travel fee of $75+ to any of the below prices if traveling to the city (i.e., Manhattan; Queens; Bronx; Brooklyn; Staten Island), or if traveling more than 1 hour away from Chestnut Ridge, NY.

*We add a travel feel of $100 to any of the below prices if traveling to Long Island, Central or Southern New Jersey.

Birthday Party Prices for Homes and Party Venues (1-30 Children): (** plus above travel fee if applicable)

  • Please call the office for a specific price quote: 845-352-4477


Have a Live Animal Show at Your Location!
- For birthday parties in New York and New Jersey
- Select 8 animals from over 50 species (if booking a 60 minute program)
- Each animal is brought around for every person to pet or simply observe. Birthday child always gets first pet.
- Invitations for your guests can be found and printed below.

Tips for an Outragehisss...Party at your location:
The animals would appreciate your help

1. When arranging the contract, the time stated to start the program is important. Our animal exhibitors perform several parties a day and must stay on time. We recommend that you invite guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to when the animal show is scheduled to begin.
2. Please provide a close parking or unloading space (many of the animals are heavy).
3. If outside (it must be at least 70° & no more than 90°), please provide shade for the children and the animals.
4. Help keep the animals a surprise while we are setting up.
5. Please withold all snacks and food during the presentation.
6. For the safety of the children and the animals, please help supervise the children, so they animal exhibitor can focus on the animals.
7. For the parents who attend and wish not to participate in the animal show, please have an area away from the program for the adults to socialize, so the children will not have to strain to hear the animal exhibitor.
8. Please have payment ready when program is over (to help keep our exhibitors on time). Gratuity is not included in the fee.

Downloadable and printable invitations for your party (.pdf files):
- Off site invitation #1
- Off site invitation #2


845-352-HISS (845-352-4477)
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