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Camouflage - Every animal needs a way to protect itself. Some mimic other animals, some use color, and some blend in so we can't see them at all. Children are amazed to suddenly see an animal appear out of thin air.

Senses - Animals have many sensory adaptations that help them to survive and to fit into their environment. Children will learn how animals use their sense, and how they may differ from ours.

Rainforest - Students will learn why the rainforest is a vital part of our ecology and why it's preservation is so important. The exhibitor will discuss the layers of the rainforest, and where each animal can be found in it.

Evolution - This program is designed for high school students. It demonstrates the course of evolution as a gradual process, moving through the evolution of many animals.

Scouts and Pack Badges - Send us a copy of your badge requirements and we can adapt a program to fill as many of the requirements as we can. You must provide the badges.

Reptiles and Amphibians - This program focuses on the differences between reptiles and amphibians using snakes, lizards, tortoises, salamanders, frogs and toads. The exhibitor goes over the attributes that make each type of reptile and amphibian unique in body characteristic, environment and life-cycle.

Mammals - Children learn so much and come away with a better understanding about what makes an animal a mammal, even if they lay eggs or carry their young in a pouch. The exhibitor will discuss what part of the world the mammals come from, and unique characteristics they have.

Insects and Arachnids - Students will never think of them as just bugs again! This program teaches how to identify and classify insects and arachnids, while keeping their interest with fascinating facts about each animal.

Mix of animals - Children will learn what makes each animal special, where it comes from, what it eats and so on. This program allows you to choose the animals that you would like to learn about from our list of animals.

There's nothing like the look in a child's eyes as he or she gets up close and personal with strange and wonderful creatures from around the world. These programs are designed to entertain as well as educate, all using live animals.

Note: *We add a minimum travel fee of $75+ to any of the below prices if traveling to the city (i.e., Manhattan; Queens; Bronx; Brooklyn; Staten Island), or if traveling more than 1 hour away from Chestnut Ridge, NY.

*We add a travel feel of $100 to any of the below prices if traveling to Long Island, Central or Southern New Jersey.


Please call the office for a specific price quote: 845-352-4477


*Multiple program pricing for the same location on the same day.

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