Animal List

We know you want your first-choice animals for your event, however, we  also require alternate animals on your contract, as well.  Some animals may not be available due to illness, pregnancy, or temperamental disposition on the day of your program.  If left incomplete, the exhibitors reserves the right to make the alternate choices, as needed.

Please be aware that the exhibitors reserve the right to make the final decision on all of the animals selected for your program.  Animal care and safety is alway our first consideration!


For Outdoor Programs, shade is required and the temperature range for programs must be 70° – 90°F. We present in one location only the day of your program, and cannot move to another place if birds are chosen due to time restraints. The entire presentation must be indoors, if birds are desired for your event.


  • Ball Python: 3 feet long; stocky snake; brown with black pattern.
  • Black-Headed Python: 5.5 feet long; medium thickness; sandy-color with solid black head.
  • Boa Constrictor: 6 – 7 feet long; brown and black pattern; stocky snake.
  • Bull Snake: 4 feet long (approx.); orange and black.
  • Burmese Python: 10 – 12 feet long; very large snake. **Customer Favorite**
  • Carpet Python: 5.5 feet long; medium thickness; dark color/pattern.
  • Green Tree Python
  • Hognose Snake: small; stout-bodied with a shovel-like nose; sandy-color.
  • King Snake: 3 feet long; thin.
  • Milk Snake: 4 feet long; slender snake with red, black, and white color markings.
  • Pine Snake: 5 feet long (approx.); medium thickness.


  • Argentine Tegu: 3 feet long; stocky; medium; black and white.
  • Bearded Dragon: 1 foot long (approx.); appears thorny; sandy color (may eat bugs).
  • Black Throat Monitor: Dark color with a black throat (currently juvenile size).
  • Blue Tongue Skink: 2 feet long; stocky; brown and gray with bright blue tongue. **Customer Favorite**
  • Chuckwalla: 6 – 12 inches long; mottled coloring.
  • Colombian Tegu: 2 feet long; black and white with long, forked tongue.
  • Crested Gecko: 6 inches long with small hair-like projections around the eyes and head.
  • Cuban Rock Iguana: 2 feet long; black and grey (may eat bugs or a banana).
  • Fat Tail Gecko: 3 – 4 inches long; thick bands of light/dark brown color.
  • Green Iguana: 3 feet long (approx.); bright green color.
  • Legless Lizard: Long-bodied – looks similar to a snake.
  • Leopard Gecko: 6 – 7 inches long; yellow with brown spots; (may eat bugs during the program). **Customer Favorite**
  • Monkey-Tail Skink: 2 feet long (approx.); olive-green with prehensile tail.
  • Savannah Monitor: Brown, stocky lizard, 1.5 feet long (approx.)

Crocodilians No one can pet these animals.

  • Alligator: Baby alligator; dark
  • Caiman: 3 feet long (approx.); black; looks like a mini-alligator.


  • African Bullfrog: Large; green and yellow (may eat bugs during the program).
  • Giant Marine Toad: Large; brown and bumpy with dry skin.
  • Spanish-Ribbed Newt: 5 inches long – brown; looks like a Salamander.
  • Tree Frog: Bright green with sticky feet (may eat bugs during the program). **Customer Favorite**


  • Arctic Fox: Fluffy fox that changes colors with the seasons; No one can pet this animal in NJ.
  • Bennetts Wallaby: Small or mid-sized Macropod, similar to a small kangaroo. **Customer Favorite**
  • Cavy: Related to the guinea pig, wild cavies, and the Capybara. **NEW Customer Favorite**
  • Chinchilla: Very soft fur, (takes dust bath during the program). **Customer Favorite**
  • Fennec Fox: Tiny desert white/tan fox with big ears. No one can pet this animal in NJ.
  • Guinea Pig: Soft, furry and vocal; baby guinea pigs when available.
  • Hedgehog: 6 inches; covered with prickly hairs.
  • Hooded Rat: Various colors; baby rats when available.
  • Mini Pig: (may eat during program). **Customer Favorite**
  • Nine-Banded Armadillo: 2 feet long; armored plates; (may eat bugs). No one can pet this animal in NJ.
  • Rabbit: Very fluffy and soft; baby bunnies, when available.
  • Sugar Glider: 8 inches; Marsupial; brown with black stripe (may eat bugs).
  • Three-Banded Armadillo: Tiny; rolls into a ball; No one can pet this animal in NJ.

Birds – No Parrots May Participate in Outdoor Programs.

Note: Due to airborne insect illnesses, all birds in the parrot family must remain indoors, including:  Cockatoo, Macaw, and Parrot.

  • Cockatoo: Large bird; white in color with bright orange plume; says “Hello”.
  • Cockatoo: Rose-Breasted: Gray and pink; talks during the show. No one can pet this animal.
  • Quaker Parrot: Small size; bright green with a grey belly.
  • Blue and Gold Macaw: Large; blue and yellow bird; (may talk and play dead).
  • American Pekin Duck: White; domestic duck; (may eat during the program). Ducks may go outside.

 Tortoises & Turtles

  • Alligator Snapping Turtle: Huge mouth, big in size; fresh water. No one can pet this animal.
  • Burmese Mountain Tortoise: 2 feet long (approx.); dark brown; (may eat during the program).
  • Red Foot Tortoise: About the size of a football, (may eat during the program). **Customer Favorite**

 Insects & Arachnids

  • Emperor Scorpion: 5 inches long; glows under black light; No one can pet this arachnid.
  • Hissing Roaches: 3 inches long (approx.) and hissssses!
  • Stick Insect: 6 inches long (approx.) and looks exactly like a twig for camouflage.
  • Tarantula: Large; hairy spider; very friendly and safe!