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When choosing your animals, substitutions must be made and included on your contract. Please choose animals from this list only. Animals may not be available due to illness, pregnancy or temperamental disposition. THE EXHIBITORS will make the final decisions on the animals. Outdoor programs: it MUST be at least 70 degrees and no hotter than 90 degrees. Animals and children also need shade.

Chinchilla: Very soft fur; (takes dust bath during program) **Customer Favorite**

Sugar Glider
: 8 inches long; Marsupial; rown with black stripe (may eat bugs).

: 6 inches long; covered with prickly hairs.


Rabbit: Very fluffy and soft; baby bunnies when available.


Guinea Pig: Soft, furry and vocal; baby guinea pigs when available.


Hooded Rat: Various colors; baby rats when available.


Mini Pig: (may eat during program.) **Customer Favorite**


Wallaby: Small or mid-sized Macropod; similar to a small kangaroo. **Customer Favorite**

Nine-Banded Armadillo
Nine-Banded Armadillo: 2 feet long; armored plates; (may eat bugs); No one can pet this animal in NJ.


Three-Banded Armadillo: Tiny; rolls into a ball; No one can pet this animal in NJ.


Arctic Fox: Fluffy fox that changes colors with the seasons; No one can pet this animal in NJ.


Fennec Fox: Tiny desert white/tan fox with big ears; No one can pet this animal in NJ.

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