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We are very excited when new babies are born in our Learning Center, or when we get the opportunity to adopt and care for a new animal. We will post information and pictures here when that happens.

Baby Binturongs, 2 days old

Baby Kinkajou, 2 weeks old

Baby Sloth, 1 month old

Baby Six-Banded Armadillo, 3 days old

Baby Sugar Glider, Still in the pouch

Baby Bearded Dragon, right out of egg

Baby Burmese Mountain Tortoise, just hatching out of egg


Coatis: "Pebbles," "Bam-Bam" and "Coco"


We adopt many animals at Outragehisss...Pets from people that can no longer keep them. We are happy to give them a home and make them part of our family.

845-352-HISS (845-352-4477)
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