OPets offers only off-site interactive, entertaining, and educational live animal programs. This event is extra-special as it stars your choice of the animals that Outragehisss Pets, Inc. offers. It is perfect for any age group! OPets programs can be held at your home or a venue of your choice.

Experience a Live Animal Show at Your Location: Home or Venue!

  • Select 8 animals from over 50 species for a 60 minute program.
  • Select 6 animals from over 50 species for a 45 minute program.
  • Each animal is brought around for every person to pet or simply observe.

*The birthday child is always offered the first option to pet the animals!

Travel Fees May Apply

Note: *A travel fee may apply based on your location, and distance to be travelled.  This information will be provided at the time of inquiry and/or booking.

Birthday Party Fees for Home & Party Venues with 1-30 Children:  Please call the OPets’ office for specific booking information, travel fees, if applicable, and a price quote:    OPets’ Office #: 845-352-4477 (M – F from 12N – 5PM); and/or leave a message.  All calls will be returned ASAP!

  • NOTE:  Additional fees apply for parties with 31 + children in attendance.

Tips for a “TOAD…ALY” Successful Outragehisss Party at Your Location:

  1. When arranging the date and time for your booking, the time stated on the contract is when the program will begin.
  2. It is recommended that you invite guests to arrive 30 minutes prior to when the animal show is scheduled to begin. The Exhibitors are unable to wait for all guests to arrive to begin the program. Multiple bookings occur in a day, and time constraints exist. A program starts promptly as noted on the contract.
  3. Please provide a close parking and/or unloading space as the animals arrive in individual carriers, and can be heavy. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated!
  4. If your party is outside, the temperature must be at least 70°F, and no more than 90°F.  Shade is a MUST! Please provide a shady area for the children, the animals, the exhibitor and guests.
  5. Our animals’ carriers have covers for a reason! Help keep the animals a surprise while the exhibitor is setting up for the performance.
  6. Space needed for the program: The exhibitors bring an 8′ x 10′ tarp to cover the floor, or outdoor area. The children sit around the outside edge of it.
  7. Please withhold all snacks and food during the presentation.  There can be no active eating and drinking in accordance with Health Laws while the presentation occurs.
  8. For the safety of the children and the animals, please supervise the children, so that the exhibitor can focus on the animals, and provide an optimal presentation.
  9. For the parents and other adults who attend your party and do not wish to participate in the animal show, please have an area away from the program for the adults to socialize. This helps to avoid distraction during the presentation, and enables the children to hear the exhibitor with ease.
  10. Please have payment ready when the program is over. Payment in full is due the day of the program.  Pre-payment is always accepted, if desired.
  11. FYI…A gratuity is not included in the OPets’ fee.