OPets Animal Choices

When selecting your first-choice animals for your event, please include alternate animals on page 2 of your contract, as well. Some animals may not be available due to illness, pregnancy, or temperamental disposition on your program day. Please be aware that the exhibitors reserve the right to make the final decision on all of the animals selected for your program.  Animal care and safety is alway our first consideration!


For Outdoor Programs, shade is required and the temperature range for programs must be 70° – 90°F. We present in one location only the day of your program, and cannot move to another place if birds are chosen due to time restraints. The entire presentation must be indoors, if birds are desired for your event. Our exotic animal species include the following categories:

  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Crocodilians
  • Mammals
  • Birds – No Parrots May Participate in Outdoor Programs.
  • Note: Due to airborne insect illnesses, all birds in the parrot family must remain indoors, including:  Cockatoo, Macaw, and Parrot.  The Duck may be outside.
  •  Tortoises & Turtles
  •  Insects & Arachnids
  • See the OPets Animal List for the full complement of animals we offer.