Meet John Tarrant

Owner and Exhibitor of OPets, Inc.

John Tarrant, an animal lover from childhood, has been an experienced and successful breeder, exhibitor and herpetoculturist for over 20+ years. With John’s extensive knowledge, passion for all things related to exotic animals, and his long-term vision – Outragehisss Pets, Inc. was formed.  He recognized the opportunity to share his knowledge of wildlife through educational and entertaining presentations that both delight and inform. John and our animals have been on MTV, Zink Magazine, Golf Digest, Animal Planet, Whoa! Sunday, Educational Showcase, Ramapo Town Hall, Practical Jokers, The New Wonderama, and more! You may have seen an Outragehisss Pet in TV commercials, magazine ads, Sports Illustrated, or YouTube videos!



Here’s Hamlet the Mini Pig